Artist Spotlight

There are two reasons for introducing you all to Michaelyn....(most of you all know her well!)  She is our store's manager and is also an in house artist:) Michaelyn creates "rock.paper.scissors"- the cutest letters & banners...customers hang them individually in their home or together to spell out a word.  My sister has three letters hanging on her mantle right now that spell out "B-O-O" for Halloween.  A friend of mine puts "M-E-R-R-Y" on her mantle at Christmastime.  Another way to display her letters are in a child's room.....how cute to spell out his/her name?  She also decoupages frames & makes "magic wands" for children.   Michaelyn takes custom orders and has a selection of patterned paper to choose from.  Turn around time is typically one week.
The other reason for this photo of Michaelyn is because she is wearing a "Susan Shaw" pearl necklace.  Each piece is made by hand from handcast gold & pearls.  They are beautiful worn alone, but are also popular as "layered" pieces. Layering is BIG this fall and these necklaces are perfect for doing so!

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