Mother's Day is May 9!

Thank God for Mothers.  Mother's Day is coming up and now that I know the hard work that goes into motherhood, I'm even more appreciative of my own mother than I was before ( and I was pretty appreciative of her before )  It's a tough and rewarding job, isn't it?  I think that we should take this next week to thank ALL of the "mothers" in our lives.......Mine have been: my birth mother, Debbie Ann Johnson Long, who I adore, my sister Sarah (as strange as it may sound, she HAS mothered me at times!!!), my Grammie Marie Abernathy Dugger, my late Grandmother Cleo May Long, my mother in law, Debra Ann Decklever Tracy, my husband's Grandmother, Betty Jean Tracy.....and a few friends along the way.  My Japanese mother, Minako-san, definitely "mom'd" me while I lived in Japan.  She passed away a few years after we moved, but oh was I so thankful for meeting her and loving her.  God places people in our lives who we can at times share this bond with.  Thank you so much all of you "mothers" out there. 

Some of our favorite gifts from Bloom to give on Mother's Day:
Seda France Pagoda Candle
a new purse/tote
a mercury glass vase with fresh flowers
a gratitude journal

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