respondez sil vous plait

I have noticed....it is not popular to reply anymore.  Have you noticed?  In my business, I have at least one customer a week comment that no one RSVP's

Not only does this make it incredibly difficult for people to get an accurate count for their festivity, it causes undue stress to the person organizing the event.  Usually there is a very simple, postmarked reply card enclosed in the invitation OR a phone number to call in case of regrets.  It's actually pretty simple when you think about it....?
I recently replied to a shower and the host actually thanked me for calling.

So....I challenge you to start replying & see what a difference it can make! 

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  1. No one likes having to call those that 'forgot' to rsvp, either...extra work for the hostess!

    Maybe Bloom should offer a class so children can be introduced to basic etiquette. Maybe some parents need a refresher as well!

    Lisa Burns (aka 'sister')