Sofia Champagne...LOVE!

Okay, LOVE these little cans of champagne!  What a great gift to give your girlfriends for their birthday or just to keep in your pantry for a little impromptu party!  Each can comes with an attached straw....and they are hot pink!!!  Great for the beach or a picnic!  So chic....hence the name, named after "Sofia Coppola".......We just LOVE these!  You can purchase them in Cape at Primo Vino!  If you haven't checked it out yet, PrimoVino is Cape's newest wine boutique!  You will love it...it is located  in the Regants Parc Building, 1610 N. Kingshighway, Suite 105. 

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  1. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE them!!! They are like juice boxes for adults!!!