Knotty is NICE!

NEW lightweight bamboo scarves from Naturally Knotty
  • each scarf comes packaged in a reusable bamboo tube...just add a bow and you have the perfect gift!
  • come grab your favorite color today ~ we have pink, lavendar, turquoise, mint green, red, black, white, and gray!
  • better yet, pick out Mom's favorite color and you're all set for Mother's Day!!
The Naturally Knotty story...

 Naturally Knotty is committed to providing eco-chic accessories using environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices. We accomplish this by integrating components of factory scrap, factory overstock or recycled materials whenever possible.

Naturally Knotty designs and imports every product we sell. Our focus is on doing what Warren Buffet refers to as “good old fashioned trade business”. We keep our margins fair (paying a living wage to our manufacturers and always avoiding inhumane or sweatshop conditions) and overhead low to pass value on to you. We believe the processes and practices of making our luxury fashions should be as beautiful and sustainable as the designs themselves. In other words, one person’s lifestyle should not be to the detriment of another’s. This is also why we focus on giving back to those in need wherever possible.

Each of our products is crafted to the highest quality standards, providing extensive attention to detail every step of the way. We believe that part of being sustainable is making products built to last. For the sake of our fragile environment, we simply cannot afford to continue to make and buy products that are used a few times and thrown away. That is why we focus on high quality products made at an affordable price, so that we can help to reduce the amount of trash in our landfills.

In this fast paced world of half read sentences, we are humbled and honored you took some time to hear our story and shop our site. Let’s partner together to create a more thoughtful, sustainable (and fashionable!) world.


Jasmine Fullman
CEO and Designer
Naturally Knotty


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